Joe "C Dawg" Czajka • Vocals and Guitar

Joe`s musical legacy includes stints with The Last Judgment, The Last Illusion (not to mention The Last Picture Show and The Last Temptation of Christ), Julius, Cold Sweat, and Sturr. In addition to Joe and the Shmoes, Joe performs with After Midnight, an Eric Clapton tribute band. The Shmoes and After Midnight both were nominated for Best New Group (Buffalo Music Awards). Joe`s mom can beat up your mom.
Bill "Black Tie" Texido • Guitar/Vocals

Bill picked up his first guitar at the tender age of 13 and hasn’t put it down since (sleeping and showering have been less than pleasant). The next year, he put together his first band with Jim Linsner (J.J. Swing) and Robbie Takac (Goo Goo Dolls). Bill has served time with the Lance Diamond Band, Scratch and Sniff Blues Band, Private Stash, and now, Joe and the Shmoes.
Carl "The Truth" Markiewicz • Drums and Vocals

Terming Carl a "veteran" of the Western New York music scene is something of an understatement. While performing with popular local bands Black Mariah, Brass Tacks, and the Fabulous Kingpins, Carl opened for acts like Dave Mason, Traffic, and Jimi Hendrix. Carl also has played with Chuck Berry, Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders, and the original Coasters. Be forewarned, Carl is an extremely shy individual; approach with caution (not).
Fritz "The Cat" Van Leaven • Bass and Vocals

Fritz`s multi-decade musical odyssey has seen him ply his talents for diverse outfits such as Goldi and Body Talk (Top 40), Petty Cash (country), Ministers of Love (original rock), the Trees and Rock Rats (classic rock). Fritz once received a nomination from the Buffalo Music Awards committee for Best Rock Bassist (but who hasn`t?).