Shmoe Comment Log

Dan Walczak of Warsaw
Thank you so much for helping Walter Klein Post 532 celebrate its 100th anniversary. So many great comments about how you kept everyone dancing. Hopefully the weather will cooperate better the next time we drag you out here...

We had a great time, Dan! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Dan Johnson of Fredonia NY
The boys played the American Legion Post 59 this Saturday. Everyone had a great time. We have never had as many people dancing from the first song to the last. We will definitely have them back as soon as we can. Thanks guys.

Our pleasure, Dan! We`re looking forward to seeing you all again sometime soon!

Gale Smith of Lockport
Had a great time at Talty`s Friday night...You guys are awesome..And can`t forget Joe`s wife she is such a sweetheart ..Thanks for letting Mike sit in for a few...Hope to see you again soon... Thanks again Gale & guys rock!!!!!

Glad you guys could make it out. And even gladder that you had a good time. Always our goal.

Big Sue of Gowanda
I miss you Shmoes!!! Big Sue comin thru at a town near you!

We will be waving (and diving out of the way) as you pass, Big Sue.

Patti of Hamburg of Hamburg
Hey you big lug. We have a lot more time on our hands now and want to make it to more shows. I`ve got my eye on you Carl!

Too much time on your hands is a good thing. Looking back at you through crystal spectacles. Mine are hazel!

Patti of Hamburg of Hamburg
Carl! Ill be standing under the mistletoe waiting for you! YUM!

Well Patti, that means yuletide intensified!!! Love that Christmas spirit!!!

Sandy of niagra county
my dancing shoes are on!! Wink Wink Carl

My ruby dancing shoes are on. I also can walk on water!

Andie Schmoette of West Valley
Thank you for the birthday wishes!

You are welcome, Andie. We hope you`re having a very special special day!

Gary and Andie Schmoette of West Valley
Thank you for the anniversary wishes. We couldn`t think of a band that would make a wedding reception rock any better than you! Hope to catch up with you all soon. We miss you!

Many happy returns, Andie and Gary. (Signed, the IRS)


Here`s to many more T-man.

Patti of Hamburg
Carl i am going to try to make it to Rileys tonight. I hope I can muster up the courage to approach you. You and your band rock my world!

We were waiting for you with open arms Patti. What happened?

Andie of Shmoetteville
Hey, I miss you guys. Had plans on spending Saturday with you all in Salamanca.

We miss you too Andie. We`ll be in Clarence, Lancaster, Tonawanda, and West Seneca this weekend if you want to stop by.

Patti of Hamburg
Carl i think your gorgeous. I want to approach at your next show but im too nervous.

This just in from Carl: I am kind and gentle. Wow there is still a spot for a old guy. I am humbled and flattered. Thanks.

Andie Shmoette of West Valley
Thank you for your birthday wishes! See you guys next month in East Aurora.

We`re looking forward to seeing you in all your East Aurora splendor Andie.

Sargent Schmoe of NT
Can Carl perform "Sweet Dreams" by Annie Lennox? I think he`s dreamy.

Carl, how many times have we told you, stop posting these messages on the website!

Deanna of Hamburg
LOL at your "2 feet of snow" pic on your homepage. I snagged that one real fast :) TY Love listening to you guys and look forward to the next chance I get to catch a show!

Thank you Deanna. We look forward to seeing you and your two feet soon.

Andie of West Valley
Seriously, on a Friday at 8? I`m still workin` but my dancing shoes will be with you guys. Miss ya. Rock on.

We wondered where those shoes came from. Joe nearly tripped over them twice. Do you need them back?

terry of angola
Where are the pics from the car show?

We had our hands full that day Terry ... mainly full of instruments. Consequently, no pics. Sorry! Coincidentally, a fellow approached us that day and asked about your whereabouts. Didn’t get his name though.

Dr fine and Doctor Howard of Buffalo
you are NO SCHMOES!

Technically you are correct Doctors. We are SHMOES, except for Joe of course.

Andie and Gary of West Valley
Thank you for the anniversary wishes. We are planning on visiting on Saturday at Three Valley.
Andie and Gary of West Valley
Happy Birthday Fritz!

Ah, thank you! But you are one year off.

the polish prince of cheektavegas
shmoedown! can you do the Cheektowaga Polka?

Do it? This is the song Carl hears in his head every day!

Andie of West Valley
Thank you for the birthday wishes! You guys rock.

Someone`s been reading our song list.

CozShome of Orchard Park
6/23 Seneca Allegany - Joe played the most beautiful solo on `Riders On The Storm`!!!!! You rock Joe!!!

Sorry, but if you want Joe rocked, you`re gonna have to do it.

Andie & Gary of West Valley
Thank you for the warm anniversary wishes! You guys made the party awesome.

Then what happened?

terry janowski of anywhere,usa
Is this the only pic you have of me?

There are two?

Candace of Cheektowaga
Hi! A friend told me about you guys.. you are AWESOME! I saw your band when you played in Cheektowaga and Elicottville.. and you sounded GREAT!!! LOVE the music! Happy Bday Creggo.. BTW, I work with one of Craigys old girlfriends-trying to get her to go see you guys.. (and she says HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!-Penny) Love the music your forever fan - Candace!

Wow! Thank you very kindly Candace. Come see us again. Often. And Craig says thank you for his birthday wishes.

Denise of Surfside Beach, SC
Not the band... just him! Wishing you well Craig... tell Julie I said Hi!

Craig says, "It`s nice to hear from you Denise. Hope all is well with you."

Denise of Surfside Beach, SC
I`m so glad to see that Craigie finally has an outlet for all the "noise" he used to make way back when!

Craig says “hi” and “sorry she had to listen to band practice.”

Andie Shmoette of Collins
Thank you for the warm birthday wishes I received the card today. AND thank you for making me famous by putting my picture on the legandary Shmoes home page. I love you guys!

Any time Andie, although June 24 works best. Let`s do it again next year.

Sharon of West Seneca
What happened to Carl M. the drummer?

What have you heard? Just kidding. Carl is fine and resting up for the next Shmoes` public showing.

Andie and Gary of Collins
Thank you! We miss you guys so stand still next time. Hope to see you soon.

Ah, nothing like that homespun Collins humor. See you soon guys.

Andie and Gary of Collins
Thank you for a great time at the Gin Mill, a much needed FUN NITE. It was great seeing all of you! Love you guys.

Thank you coming out Andie and Gary. It`s always a pleasure seeing you. As for seeing all of us, we haven`t had much luck leaving parts of us home, so you don`t really have a choice.

Andie & Gary Shmoette of Collins
Merry Christmas to the best musicians and all around great guys! We miss you.

Anyone we know? Hey, we miss you guys too. Hopefully, we`ll see you early in 2011. Happy holidays to you guys. Jake, Nikki, Moose, Dusty Jr., Loogie, and Bird too! Quite a menagerie you have there.

Gary`s Spouse of Collins, NY
He kinda looked like that this past Saturday night. He is awake now and thanks you for the thought.
Andie & Gary of Collins
Happy Almost Birthday to Big C!!! Many more brother from another mother.
Andie Shmoette of Collins
Thank you for the birthday wishes. Wow, how unusual, I have a beer in my hand.

You have a beer in your hand in the picture too! Coincidence?

Gary & Andie of Collins
Hey Great Time Again at the Red Garter. Thank you so much you guys are the greatest. And a special thank you to you Fritz, the meal was excellent and you made a great matridee.(Did I spell the right?)

t-h-e. Yep, looks right. Fritz says you`re welcome and best wishes for many more.

your doctor friend from salamanca of jamestown new york
We had a great time last night, hope it wont be ur last. Joe, your shirt went great at the er. Everyone at work wants one. Take care and see u guys soon
Kelly Shmoette and Jim of Springville
Happy Anniversary Joe an Sandy!! Happy Birthday a day late Joe !!!
Andie & Gary Shmoette of Collins
Happy B Day Joe! Many many more
Scott Shmoe of OP
Thanks Guys! See you tonight!
Andie Shmoette of Collins
Good Luck Friday night to the greatest band in the world. Knock em dead at the ball park boys. You are the real boys of summer. We love you guys!!!

Thank you Andie. You know, it`s not our style to fish for compliments, but next time you post a message, maybe ... well, you know ...

Scott of Orchard Park
I had a blast playing our annual Quakers Days Bash!

Great to have you aboard Scott. Let`s do it again Thursday.

Judy of Machias
The wedding was a blast! Thanks for letting Taylor step in for a couple of songs, he really enjoyed that! He has been bitten by the band bug now! I would appreciate a copy of the pics for an album I`m putting together for the happy couple. Contact Mrs D for my email address pls.

Our pleasure Judy. Maybe Taylor will let us open for him at HSBC Arena someday.

Gary and Andie of West Valley
We would like to thank you guys again for a memorable wedding party. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the music as well as Andie and I. We will always have the music in our hearts and the pics in an album. Memories will soon be upon us and from our hearts to yours...Thank You

You`re entirely welcome guys. And again, congratulations. Let`s do it again next year.

Sandy of Lancaster
Funny Home page cartoon!! Heard a band the other night that could not come even close to the Shmoe quality.

Bless you Sandy. (Psst ... the check`s in the mail.)


No worries Andie. Joe is planning on having another celebration right around this time next year.

Haley of Buffalo
Been to your last few shows - entertaining. What happened to your sound guy Terry? Will he be at any of your upcoming shows?

Thank you for the kind words about the shows Terry—err—Haley. But seriously, Terry works with us when his schedule permits. We would guess he would be at an upcoming show soon.

Karen Brocato of Kenmore
We were at Sta-Who`s last week and had sooo much fun with you guys for Jen`s big b-day celebration!!!! Keep rockin` out. You were amazing!!!!! Come Back Again!!!!!!

Your wish is our command Karen. See you again at Sta-Who`s on Jan. 24 and Mar. 7.

Madonna of SASi
You guys rock! Can`t wait to see you again!

Well thank you kindly Madonna. Maybe we can open for you on your next tour. That way, you wouldn`t have to wait as long to see us.

Andie & Kelly of Springville
You did it again, great time had by all and the shirts are awesome. Thank you so much again. We, the Shmoettes, are proud to dance for our boys in the band. We love you all. Oh yeah, and Roger is handsome too!

You`re welcome guys. Thank you as always for coming out. And happy birthday Andie!

Andie & Kelly of Springville
You guys are the best, wonderful time was had by all. Great job on the new songs and Fritzy you can sing for us anytime. We love you guys and see you on Friday.

Now how could we be the best if you`re the best? But seriously, thank you kindly Andie and Kelly.

Sandy of Lancaster
I want to thank you so much for my birthday cake and happy wishes! Not only do I love to dance to your music, but I also appreciate your talent! Sometimes I stop and watch how all of you play your instruments and it just blows me away ! Love your band, love your sound, love you guys ! Sandy C.

You`re welcome Sandy and thank you for all that you do to help us!

Linda of Lancaster
Hi, again. I was just checking your website and see you will be at Westwood Park soon. What event is this and is it open to the public? Hope so!

Great to hear from you again Linda. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but the Westwood Park date is for a corporate party and is therefore not open to the public. Hopefully, we`ll be out your way again (in a public setting) sometime soon!

Linda of Lancaster
Hey, heard your second set at Taste of Lancaster on Saturday. Really enjoyed it - hope to see you out this way again soon!

Thank you very much Linda. We always have a great time playing in Lancaster and hope to be back soon. To learn when exactly that will be, we encourage you to sign up for our e-mail updates on the EMAIL page (if you haven`t already) or just keep checking back here. Thanks again!

Andie and Kelly of Springville
Hey guys great time on Friday. How about some more southern rock. Love ya` See you soon.

Thanks again for coming out again guys. It was great seeing you. We`ll be working up some new tunes during our two weeks off. We`ll see if we can rustle up some more southern-fried songs.

Andie and Kelly of Springville
You guys are fun to party with and you keep us dancing. Hope to see you closer to Springville, but you keep us coming back for more. Love you guys!

Does Salamanca count? If not, we`ll work in getting some dates out your way. Thanks for writing Andie and Kelly! See you soon.


Thanks Jean! Look for us back at Attitudes on March 22 and July 11.

Trish of Earth
Happy Birthday Joe Shmoe!!! Thought you could sneak that one past me? I think not! Rock on dude. Much love
Nancy Mae of Buffalo
You guys rock! How about some Ronstadt (You`re No Good, That`ll Be the Day), Jefferson Airplane or Cowboy Junkies (Blue Moon) for us divas?

We`re saving up to get Joe that "special operation" so he can sing songs such as those you suggested. In the meantime, he`s making good progress on songs such as "What`s Up?" by Four Non Blondes. You just kind of have to see it.


A reunion isn`t on the radar screen Nancy, but anything can happen!

Hey, I like your new comments section. Now I can ask why is it that Joe always wears leather pants in the 90-degree heat when he plays?

Joe is a free spirit and does his best not to be a slave to fashion.

You guys rock!

You scissor.

Mrs. Calabash
I`d like to hear you guys play the song "Inka-Dinka-Doo"

Sounds more like a dare than a request.

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